Surface Preparation for epoxy flooring

Surface preparation is the key for a long lasting and successful epoxy floor. It is really painful to see a beautifully prepared epoxy floor getting cracked or chipping away in a few months or years after completion. Mostly it is the improper surface preparation that results in such mishaps and it can result in a big loss for the property owner.

Many contractors overlook surface preparation and then their projects fail because the surface preparation was poor. These days epoxy manufacturers also claim that their product is so perfect that no priming or grinding is required. However, we believe that these claims are baseless and contractors must not put their projects on stake because of such claims. 

As a professional and reliable epoxy flooring service provider, we take pride in installing high quality and durable epoxy floors that last for years. We pay attention to all the details so that no factor is overlooked for surface preparation. Following are the key factors of our surface preparation for epoxy flooring:

Types of Sanding and Grinding

  • Sanding
  • Stone Grinding
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Acid Etching
  • Shot-blasting

Resinous and fast-curing floors are necessary for medical and healthcare facilities. Our epoxy coated floors feature seamless design along with anti-microbial protection, which makes them the best choice for healthcare and medical facilities.

We understand that infection control is very necessary in such facilities and the floors there must be easy to clean and maintain.Following are some of the best application areas for epoxy coating:

  • Laboratories
  • Surgical suites
  • Hospitals
  • Nurseries
  • Lavatories
  • Dialysis areas
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Research facilities
  • Maternity wards
  • Assisted living
  • Emergency rooms
  • Pharmacies
  • Acute care centers
  • Nursing stationsSterile core
Stone Grinding

Stone grinding method was quite common but now mostly diamond grinders are used. The stone grinders are used for soft concrete floors and not the hard ones. The hard epoxy or concrete floors can’t be grinded well using these grinders. The stone grinding method works well for floors that have stone tools fixed to the bottoms.

Diamond Grinding

The diamond grinding method is quite common and is very effective and reliable. Diamond grinding is done using machinery and we make sure that our technicians use the best quality equipment for the purpose. 

Our skilled technicians use the floor grinder with the correct attachments available according to the floor. After turning on the machine, a swaying motion is used in which the machine moves side by side and creates a smooth surface. After the grinding is done, we clear all the residue and dirt that is left behind. The residue is cleaned using a vacuum and the surface is cleaned before applying epoxy floor coating.

The good thing about this method is that it can easily handle all types of floors including hard concrete. The diamond grinders can eliminate oily patches and scratch old paint layers too. Diamond grinding is done for achieving a harsh and deep scratch profile on the concrete floor. The deeper scratch profile helps in creating a stronger bond between the epoxy coating and the concrete floor.

Acid Etching

The acid etching method is also used for surface preparation of a concrete base. With this method we apply an acid solution to the floor and then we spread it out using a stiff bristle broom or a scrubber. Then we allow the acid to stay on the floor for some minutes, so that all the stains and grime is removed. After this the acid is removed using a pressure washing technique. When the floor is dried, vacuuming is done to make sure the surface is clean and smooth. To make sure that all the acid on the floor is neutralized, we also use a diluted solution for the remaining residue on the floor.


Shot blasting is even more aggressive than grinding and it leaves a very deep and harsh profile on the floor that is suitable for commercial and industrial flooring. Shot blasting is done using various techniques and all the methods flatten the surface using machinery. If there are any stains or damages on the base, the shot-blasting machine will pelt tiny metallic beads which will blast them away from the floor. The main advantage of this method of surface preparation is that, there is no residue left contrary to acid etching and diamond grinding. The shot-blasting method of surface preparation is used for larger scale jobs and requires experienced and skilled technician for doing the task.

Steps for epoxy floor preparation

Before we apply the epoxy coating, we take all the necessary steps for surface preparation. We make sure that the floor is free from any type of moisture, dirt, debris, or holes. We use high quality and reliable products for surface preparation so that the epoxy floor coating is very strong and lasts for many years. We understand that it is a big investment and that’s the reason we plan everything before starting our work. Following is a brief overview of the steps that we take before applying epoxy coating on the floor:

  • Power blow the entire floor.
  • If it’s an old concrete floor, we first remove the contaminants using hot water and a diluted degreaser. For more contaminated floors we use a concentrated solution.
  • Then we use a suitable method of surface preparation such as acid etching or diamond grinding for creating a deep profile.
  • If there is a sealer on the floor, we use pressure washing first and then the diamond grinding method.
  • After the surface preparation is done, we make sure that the floor is double rinsed with water hose. While we wash the floor, we scrub it all along so that all of the loosened materials are removed from the floor.

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