Residential Epoxy Floor

At Trademark Coatings, our experienced and well-trained team specializes in installing epoxy floors in residential areas such as garages, basements, living rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Many home owners find it a bit unusual to use epoxy floor for residential settings because they’ve mostly seen such floors in commercial areas. However, residential epoxy floors are now getting increasingly popular because of their advantages as compared to other floors. Now home owners are realizing that all of the spaces at home can be enhanced beautifully using epoxy floor coatings.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful high gloss floor in brown or candy pink or some other type of epoxy floor, we are always ready to help you out. We provide a comprehensive solution to all your flooring problems and with us you can epoxy your living room, basement, garage or any other place at home. Following are the common residential places for epoxy flooring:


If you’re planning to transform your boring basement into a functional and beautiful one, you must consider epoxy flooring for the purpose. Our basement epoxy flooring services can turn your basement into anything useful such as a children’s room or a mini theatre for you and your friends to spend some peaceful time. Epoxy flooring is one of the best ways to transform your simple looking part of home to a lively and shiny one.

Our basement epoxy flooring services will not only add value to your basement but also provide your floor from damage and stains. You don’t need to worry about the temperature changes, ground shifts, moisture and water damage anymore as the epoxy floor coating will keep your floor protected. Our services come with a lifetime guarantee against peeling. Following is a brief overview of our basement epoxy floor service:

  • We prepare your floor by cleaning the dirt and grinding it so that we reach the concrete floor. This is done to form a stronger bond between the epoxy floor and the concrete base.
  • Then we apply the epoxy floor coating which forms a hard and durable coating. The coating is made up of hardeners and poly-resins and looks like a hard plastic when dried.
  • At the end we apply a sealant on the epoxy floor coating which protects the floor from various types of damages.

Ready to Transform Your Property?

Pool Decks

Installing epoxy floor for pool decks is a perfect way to turn your ordinary pool side into a trendy one. You can add much value to your pool deck by having an epoxy floor installed there. It will give a serene and magnificent effect when the glossy epoxy floor will reflect pool water. You can have any type of pattern and color chosen for the epoxy floor around your pool.

Accent floors for residential spaces

Epoxy flooring isn’t just for malls and hospitals anymore. We use 100% solid epoxy metallic floor system to make your residential spaces shine. We also add a urethane top coat on the epoxy floor so that additional protection is achieved. For proper adhesion between the epoxy floor and the concrete base, we prepare the floor with a grinder. Following accent floors are a big hit for residential spaces:

  • Titanium and brass accent custom metallic floor system
  • Gunmetal with Russet accent custom metallic floor system
  • Copper base with white and gray accents
  • Epoxy floor with metallic copper accents

Flake finish for residential spaces

Our flake finish epoxy coating system creates a resilient and vibrant flooring surface which lasts for years. Epoxy flake finish systems not only look great but are very durable and functional too. This flake finish can be used for kitchens, garages, storage rooms, basements, and more.

Flake finish for epoxy floor can be a very cost-effective way of renewing your old and stained floor. Flake finish has many benefits for residential spaces. Wondering why flake finish can be perfect for your residential property? Here are the benefits:

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Very cost-effective
  • Available in a variety of colors, patterns and designs
  • Strong and durable
  • Easily refurbished (You can revitalize the flooring system even after years of use)
  • Chemical resistant
  • Slip and abrasion resistant
  • It produces low sound because of the flexible and seamless surface

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