Metallic Marbled Epoxy

Epoxy floors and countertops are now becoming very popular among those who want to upgrade their living space in an affordable way. The metallic epoxy surface look very beautiful and unique and it adds to the overall property. Metallic marbled epoxy is made up of a floor coating that comprises of ornamental metallic components suspended inside it. Epoxy is used as a finishing product and application of this coating renews the look of the floors and countertops.

What is metallic marbled epoxy?

A metallic epoxy has metallic pigment mixed in it which gives it a low yellowing finish. The metallic pigments are very tiny and glitter like and they are mixed in the epoxy resin for pouring on the concrete floor. This mixture is when applied using a roller or paintbrush, the pigments inside it twist and roll at different angles and reflect the light falling upon them. When the epoxy dries and hardens, the pigments inside it are also fixed at different locations and they present a beautiful swirly appearance.

The finished look of metallic marbled epoxy is glass like smooth and shiny one and gives a reflective sparkle. However, if you compare these floors, no two metallic epoxy floors will look similar to each other. This is because it depends on the contractor and the techniques been used in installation of the floor. You can also dictate your preferred style to us and we’ll make sure that everything goes according to your requirements. The application and installation technique of metallic marbled epoxy also matters a lot in this regard, and our team of technicians specializes in it. Our metallic marbled epoxy is matchless and can enhance the look of your boring and dull concrete floors. The color combination and texture of our metallic epoxy floor is amazing and we recommend you to have a discussion with our flooring experts so that you get a better idea along with the right quote. We are serving in Canada for a decade with high quality workmanship and highest integrity. If you’re in the market for a unique floor, the metallic marbled epoxy floor will be a perfect choice for you.

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Advantages of metallic marbled epoxy

1. Easy installation

Metallic marbled epoxy floor is very easy to install. First we apply a metallic primer coat and basecoat and then we apply our metallic techniques to give it a finished look. Basically a thin layer is made first so that a seal is created. Epoxy flows like a semi-viscous liquid and it can quickly flow off the edges and thus great care must be taken while application.

The liquid starts to harden after 25 to 35 minutes of application. We let the first layer harden first and then after 24 hours of curing, we apply a second layer. This gives a nice and finished look to the metallic marbled epoxy floor. We take pride in creating seamless and beautiful designs on this floor as our skilled technicians specialize in the job.

2. Heat resistant:

One of the best properties that metallic marbled epoxy coating features is its ability to withstand the heat. The epoxy coating is comprised of strong chemical bonds that don’t breakdown when heat is applied to them. The good thing is that there are no unreacted chemicals released and thus there are no harmful effects even if the coating is heated to a very high temperature.

3. Perfect for high traffic areas:

The metallic marbled epoxy floor consists of multiple layers of high strength epoxy which makes the surface extremely durable. When epoxy coating is applied to a concrete floor, it forms a hard surface that doesn’t varnish like other coatings. It can easily bear high foot traffic and is a good solution for commercial and industrial spaces. These types of floors are commonly seen at malls, show rooms, boutiques, rest rooms, hospitals, and more.

4. Huge creative breadth for design:

Epoxy is one of the most versatile flooring options available. There are many design possibilities as the creative breadth is huge. The epoxy coating can be used to create any type of design or pattern and it looks outstanding no matter how hard the texture is. This is because it has a seamless surface and the breadth available also allows the technicians to create continuous patterns and colors.

5. High gloss finish:

If you’re a fan of smooth, shiny, and super glossy surfaces then you’ll really like the finish of epoxy coating. The metallic marbled epoxy is the glossiest coating available on the market. The gloss and shine may get dull after some years, but that can be easily renewed with just applying mineral oil to it.

6. Easy to clean:

The metallic marbled epoxy is very easy to clean; you can use any cleaning product on it and it will give good results. The coating is impervious and non-porous and thus there is no possibility of things going inside leading to bacterial growth and mold production. There are many non-toxic and natural cleaning detergents available that can be used for cleaning grime and grease from the epoxy floors.

7. Non-toxic and safe:

The epoxy floors are considered non-toxic and safe and thus they are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial usage. The material is made from a combination of chemicals and some volatile organic compounds which creates a hard surface. When the epoxy coating is applied to the floor, proper ventilation is required to ensure the evaporation of VOCs. After the surface hardens properly, the epoxy floor is completely safe.

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